Testimonial 2

I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Chris Fox, DC for about a year now. He has been an inspiration to not only me, but the students I worked with. Dr. Fox offered his services to the local University, as well as working with professional organizations in the South Florida region (including USA Baseball, AJGA, USTA, USA Rugby and many others). Dr. Fox’s knowledge of sports injuries has made him one of my most utilized doctors. With his training as a certified athletic trainer, many educational degrees, and experience with multiple high level athletes and teams has made him a perfect fit for the atmosphere found in south Florida.


Dr. Fox has the foresight to be able to look at musclo-skeletal aspects instead of focusing on one portion of an injury. His ability to approach an injury globally has made him one of the most effective chiropractors I’ve ever worked with. By focusing on muscle energy techniques (ART, PNF techniques) I have personally seen him return athletes to a competitive status faster than traditional medicine has been able to.


It is because of Dr. Fox’s mentoring and influence that I will never practice without having a skilled chiropractor on my sports medicine team. He has shown me that by utilizing chiropractic medicine we can put an athlete on the playing field faster and healthier than if we just used traditional measures.


Benjamin Cowin, MS, LAT, ATC

Assistant Athletic Trainer – Football

Ouachita Baptist University